An open letter to Absolute Pawfection’s clients:

First of all I would like to thank all my clients for all their support and patronage over the last 20yrs that Absolute Pawfection has been operating. It’s has been a pleasure working with all of you!

Shortly after having my accident, I picked up some part time work at Concord Animal Hospital.  It turns out I am very happy there, and they are happy to have me on a regular basis, so I decided to explore the possibility of selling my truck, with the intentions of continued service to my clients until it sold.  Surprisingly, my truck sold in about a week. Unfortunately, this leaves me without the ability to come back to mobile work after the Covid-19 shutdowns that we have all recently been dealing with.

Unexpectedly, Absolute Pawfection will cease operations this week.
Again, I THANK YOU ALL so much for all the wonderful years and the kindness you have shown me. You’ve all become friends as well as clients. I’m sending all my clients much love, (the 2 legged and the 4) and I wish you all well, and hope you all stay healthy and happy throughout the difficult times we have been dealing with.

Take Care!
Charlene 🐾💕🙂

Absolute Pawfection Mobile Pet Grooming